Honey, Hayfever and Strawberries

 24th April 2021

The hayfever season is upon us, a miserable time for many. Some sufferers swear by the natural properties of locally produced honey.  In theory, local honey contains pollen from the locality.  This pollen causes hay fever.  Thus taking pollen allergens orally can reduce allergic reactions by building an immune tolerance – at least for grass pollen allergies.

One argument against the local honey hayfever cure is that most pollen found in honey is heavy, flower pollen from attractive, bee pollinated flowers, rather than the lighter, wind-dispersed pollen from trees and grasses that trigger hayfever symptoms. Bees do accidentally collect non-flower pollen however, and exposure to low doses of tree and grass pollens could still help to reduce hayfever symptoms. Local honey also contains natural antihistamines and other anti-inflammatory substances that might reduce hayfever symptoms.

Honeyfields Bee Farm is Bulkington based and some of their hives are located at the farm shop. The bees do an excellent job, pollinating our fruit crops and at the same time make a delicious local honey.

Fruit Crops

After a wet winter, spring has been cold and dry with very regular night time frosts. The result is a late spring and a very difficult start to the growing season.  Our rhubarb is currently struggling and would desperately like a drink. We are hoping the persistent frosts haven’t devastated the gooseberries, but only time will tell. Our strawberries will not be early this year and we do not expect to open the pick your own before late June.

We have also been very busy planting more strawberries and adding additional polytunnels to the pyo area.  Normally when we plant there are always some spare plants left.  It’s very difficult to get the quantity exactly right.  This year is no exception and we have now potted these spare plants up for sale in our plant area.

How to find us

We are easily accessible from Junction 2 of the M6 Motorway as well as from Coventry, Rugby and the surrounding area. We're situated just outside Stretton-under-Fosse on the B4027. For Sat Navs and Google Maps, our postcode is: CV23 0PE. A bus is available to Stretton-under-Fosse from Rugby and Coventry. The service number is 85, run by National Express Monday-Saturday and Stagecoach on Sunday.

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