Entry is £5 per car. To a maximum of 6 people per car.

The entry fee is a down payment on any produce you pick. It can ONLY be reimbursed as produce you pick in the pick your own. Any additional produce picked above the cost of the entry fee is then charged at the price per kg of the it picked.


Pumpkins – 59p/kg  
Small Pumpkins- Mars
Medium Pumpkins- Racer
Large Pumpkins- Cargo, Challenger & Wicked
Large White Pumpkins- Polar Bear

Squash – 99p/kg
(Uchiki Kuri, Turks Turban, Spaghetti Squash, Green Kobacha,  Celebration,  Goosebumps)

The picking field is a food production area and as such dogs are strictly prohibited.

Please wear sensible footwear, if we have had a lot of rain the field can be very muddy.

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