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 9th November 2020

This article was posted November 2020.

Harvesting our potatoes at Welkin Farm Easenhall, just a mile from the farm shop

We grow and sell our own potatoes. The three varieties on sale are Wilja, Marfona and a red variety called Stemster. All three varieties are available to buy in either a 25kg sack or a 10kg bag.

A 25kg sack of potatoes at £6/bag  represents terrific value for money, especially when you consider the cost of a portion of chips. It is however worth remembering a couple of pointers before you buy.  Main crop potatoes in the UK are generally harvested in September or October.  A sack purchased at that time of year, will if stored in a cool, dark, dry, frost free place easily keep until Christmas.

Our Potatoes 25kg – £6

The potato may be an inanimate object but it is still alive and like everything else, living, ages.  This is illustrated by the difference in shelf life between a sack of spuds purchased in November and one bought in March. By late March the spud is beginning to think about diving into a warm bed of soil and growing again, hence the rapid appearance of shoots, on spuds bought at that time. We therefore advise that whilst it makes sense to buy a sack before Christmas, if you don’t use a lot of spuds, buy a smaller quantity after Christmas.

Our Varieties

Wilja is a very versatile potato, long and oval in shape with a rough yellow skin and light yellow flesh.  A waxy potato, suitable for boiling, roasting, chipping and baking.  Wilja mashes beautifully and has an excellent flavour.

Stemster  potatoes are oval, large-sized potatoes with pink skin and yellow flesh.  In terms of cooking properties  Stemster is described as a waxy potato but is suitable for boiling, roasting, chipping, baking and mashing.

Marfona  has moderately waxy texture.  The size is good and the shape far more oval than Wilja. It has a light brown or yellow skin and a yellow to cream flesh.  It has a strong flavour and is very good for boiling and mashing, but will roast and chip too. It’s also great as a jacket potato. SORRY WE HAVE NOW SOLD OUT OF MARFONA (update 8/12/2020)

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We are easily accessible from Junction 2 of the M6 Motorway as well as from Coventry, Rugby and the surrounding area. We're situated just outside Stretton-under-Fosse on the B4027. For Sat Navs and Google Maps, our postcode is: CV23 0PE. A bus is available to Stretton-under-Fosse from Rugby and Coventry. The service number is 85, run by National Express Monday-Saturday and Stagecoach on Sunday.

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